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Japanese girl torture kitten
  • Tags: Kitten  torture  japan  azie  
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  • Its been a long time we saw some cat squeezing.. Here is round 2!<br />
    <br />
    Ps i hope this chick will rot in hell
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she should be tortured too. And yes, these videos are online for a good reason. To raise awareness .. because oblivious people need to know, and wise people want to see more.

wat an asshole.
she probably took it home and ate it afterwards


muther fucker piece of sheet

She must be a chinese, for she has a typical chinese features and there isn't such a wide river in Japan.


how download?

i would love to perform a lobotomy on her with that same heels on both eyes and then ass rape her with both shoes at the same time.

Iam japanese,
this girl is not japanese,

she is chinese!

Im a dog guy, I have a bunch of dogs and i dont like cats at all, BUT!!! Thats just fucked up, U dont do that shit, Wish I was there to beat her wit her fucking heels and see how she likes n stepped on

How to see this video? only blank box are there...wana see that bitch

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