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Man Forcefully have Anal Sex
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  • Disturbing Home Video shows a Man Forcefully have Anal Sex with his Crying Girlfriend
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These bitches need to make better life decisions..

likely her dad... bastard

yess shut up b8tch, stel je niet zo aan mongooltje stupid bitch

Aw wtf ?


someone should give this patetic excuse of man a taste of his own medicine like repetadly until is ass stop feeling!! \m/

Lends a whole new meaning to Johnny-Come-Lately!

wow dunno why I know it's fucked but "suck it up princess" maybe u shud do something instead of crying and pretending it hurts. If she was anal virgin he wouldn't of Penetrated her ass so easily. lol she needs 2 be dp in the ass by negros imagine the decibel level of her screems. lol

i cant be the only one who masturbated to this right?

this motherfucker somebody has to put a bullet in his head


this is a raping. you are so sick man. somebody has to fuck this man. because he has to respect to a lady
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