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London Terror Attack At Leytonstone Station In East London

Paris Amateur Video Of The Attack At The Bataclan Club

Are you ready for Planet Gore?

Luka Magnotta murder video
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  • The Luka Magnotta murder video.
    It all started with a video named: "1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick Video"
    Now it is clear it is Luka Magnotta who killed a person and cut him to pieces live on camera. See the full video over here.
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Looks pretty real, rad music to go along grab some popcorn :) Not sure what killers get from mutilating the body postmortem.

Looks pretty real, rad music to go along grab some popcorn :)

Love the music Luka

I'm a Fag!

fuck islam they are sick mind and racist people


I'm glad that he was arrested http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2013/07/17/luka_magnotta_gore_site_owner_char ged_for_posting_dismemberment_video.html

True Faith!!!

Uhmm.. Cool video, I guess. Thought it was going to be more extreme though, beacuse theYNC had banned it, but.. Nah. I've seen worse.

Oh well.... Im not impress... a dead body its a dead body... Come on now.... Be serious..What the fuck it gives?? I don't have buzz really...Just cant understand..Waste of time to watch a sick one.


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