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Dog torture
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  • Dog getting tortured
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lets go curb stomp them :) !

I draw the line with animals...people make poor decisions which lead them to the point in life where they are raped, tortured and murdered not poor defenseless dogs. I would cut these assholes heads off and let the dog rape their throats.

how did I know these cunts were Chinese before I even saw their faces?

How can anyone smile while doing what they did to that poor defenceless dog? Fucking piece of scum. PSYCHOPATH cannot even begin to describe these crazy subhuman filthy lowlifes. This video needs to be spread, these bitches need to be found and made to suffer. Who knows how many other helpless animals these fuckers have tortured and killed - and they actually dare to show their faces on camera?

Couldn't even watch the whole thing. Burn these bitches, crush them till their ribs break and see how they like it. I never thought I was one to wish death on another person, but I hope that these bitches die a slow, horrible painful death and burn in hell. Fuckers.


fuck they deserve to b raped in the ass over and over again with a hot iron bar and then stomped to death fucking cunts!!\m/


These sub humans need to be found and hanged. This video should be put on Facebook! Let the world see what the news and government tries to hide.

fucking people

It's awful. Do you know that people masturbate to this? This is the zoosadism...

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