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Los Zetas behead 3 Cartel Del Golfo memb...
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  • Los Zetas are back to business as usual; beheading members of other cartels. Only now they apparently have a new cameraman, one with a more steady hand. They interrogate their captives, throw out a nice one-liner: "Don't fuck with Los Zetas or this will happen to you". And they manage to bring a nice show.... Better sound better video, enjoy!
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zetas are not by ani chances a terrorist organization, they are drugdealers and blackmailers. all their kills are trying to achieve territorial superiority or vengance

this is crime for all

death to all those who mutilate God's work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Los zetas arent a gang, they are a terrorist organization no different than al qaeda or taliban, they seem to operate and alot of the same stuff they do, i dont understand why there is a mass slaughter of all cartels, but partuculary los zeta's, i always love to see los zetas heads coming off

Los Zetas return ! Yeeeaahh!
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