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Syrians beheaded and executed by mercena...
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  • Syrians beheaded and executed by mercenaries from Chechnya and Turkey. The Syrians are supposed to have raped a 14 year old girl, but did they? Anyone seen any proof of that?
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who ever murderers, mutilates another fellow human being does not deserve to live. simple as that.

please BOMB all the barbarian MUSLIM countrys, they are almost all baby rapers, just like MOHAMMD the prophet,the most pedo,s are under the muslims , and thats the ugly truth

Fuck'n chechens! They even speak russian... Why?
In 1941-1944's ALL their ancestors served in the SS.
In 90's of these bitches in Russia also murdered russian civilians.
They are the most rabid Nazis in the Caucasus. They are hated of all nations.
Good luck to the Syrian army to kill these mad freaks, how they had been killed in Russia.
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