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ISIS Beheads 21 Christians in Egypt
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  • The Islamic State group released another propaganda video Sunday showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians. Militants claimed the video was filmed in Libya, and if true, this is the first time the group claimed to execute hostages outside Iraq and Syria.
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Disons à la mort : "C'était donc cela la vie ? Eh bien, sourions-lui encore une seule fois, rien qu'une fois !"

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Et c'est hommes, oh ! (Pas très homos...)
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i have FULL Head Cutting on MY Video.

This isn't even shocking anymore. All Islamic State is doing is humiliating Islam further. Congratulations on making life hard for Muslims everywhere because nobody trusts a Muslim anymore.


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Hurensöhnen Ihr sollt in der Hölle verrecken!!

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